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Conference Announcement

Study days’: The Sea as an interdisciplinary study place

The conferences will take place in the Pedro Nunes room of the DMUC (Department of Mathematics of the UC), between 10 and 12 March 2020. They will be coordinated and organized by Professor Isabel Maria Freitas Valente from the Research Group Europeism, Atlanticity and Mundialization of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of the 20th Century of the University of Coimbra - CEIS20, in partnership with EMGFA, the Portuguese Navy, the Navy Academy and Start Europe.

These conferences aim to promote a wide discussion on the challenges and opportunities that the Sea gives us, crossing different points of view of the topics to be discussed.

More Information, Program and Registration: https://starteurope.com/jornadas-o-mar-como-espaco-de-estudo-interdisciplinar/

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