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“How the Middle East’s First Nuclear War Started” – a fictional piece by Mathew Burrows

Author: Public Domain

Mathew Burrows, GG10 Member and Director of the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Foresight Initiative writes a fictional piece for Politico on the possible paths forward following the outcomes of nuclear talks with Iran:

“Jamil Khoury woke at night in a cold sweat, shaken by the magnitude of what he had done. He had always considered himself a peace-loving man—having grown up in Lebanon, he knew what war could do to a country. And now it looked as if he would be responsible for war on a scale no one had ever seen.

He sat for a while in silence watching the sun creep in through the shutters until his phone rang. He answered, and after a brief call, resolved to get the next flight from Beirut to New York. If he could just talk to Lars, Lars might be able to help.”

The full article can be read here:

How the Middle East’s First Nuclear War Started

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